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Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore Complaints - Wrong diaognosis and treatment by Dr Chitra Rammurthy
Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore
Posted: 10 of Nov, 2010 by [email protected]
Wrong diaognosis and treatment by Dr Chitra Rammurthy

I had complaint of heavy bleeding, abdominal and lower back pain during my periods. I consulted Dr.C Indira Reddy at Sagar Hospital in March,2009 , bangalore. She adviced for a TVS scan. Scan report showed presence of an intramural fibroid of around 2.2cms *2.5 cms. Dr. Indira Reddy asked me to undergo laproscopic myomectomy for fibroid removal. I got panic and visited Dr. Chitra Rammurthy at Apollo, Bangalorein March 2009 . She went through the reports and told the fibroid small. she asked me to continue using Pause table that i was using from Sept,2008. I didn't get any relief and the problem was worsened with every month. Till Feb,2010 Dr. Chitra didn't provide any solution to the problem. In Feb,2010 she asked me to get TVS done. TVS report showed the presence of a fibroid of around 4.2cms*3.5cms. She had given Decapeptyl injection saying the fibroid will shrink. This injection has worsened my problem and i got my peroids 10 days earlier. She asked to get the TVS done again. This report showed minute reduction in fibroid size. After looking at the report, Dr Chitra said injection is not working and i need to undergo hysteroscopy for the fibroid removal. I underwent hysteroscopy on March 25th, 2010 at Apollo Bangalore. She told the procedure was successful. Discharge summary stated the fibroid base was resected. She gave Decapeptyl injection again on 26th March, 2010. Further, she asked me to visit her every month and told i will not get my periods b'coz of Decapeptyl injection. After the surgery, i suffered a lot with back pain. I visited Dr Chitra in the month of April and she asked me to take Duphaston to get my periods. After taking the tablets for 10 days, i got my period for 0.5 day. In may, again she asked me to take Duphaston and this time i got my period for 1 day. In June when i got my period, bleeding and pain were same as before the surgery. I went to Chitra and asked me to get the TVS done. Report showed the presence of fibroid and same size as before the surgery. We were shocked to learn the presence of fibroid. Dr Chitra advised c-section myomectomy. We lost faith in her and visited doctors in Hyderabad with all the reports. We learnt that during all the scans at Apollo, an intramural fibroid was mistaken for submucous fibroid for the size and Dr. Chitra failed to remove the fibroid during hysteroscopy. I underwent laproscopic myomectomy on July,24th 2010. After this surgery, i was free from all the symptoms.
For 1 year, i consulted Dr. Chitra and didn't get any relief. After 1 year she did the surgery and failed to remove the fibroid. She was so careless in doing the surgery and giving the report as if its removed. When the problem was repeated also, she didn't try to find out what went wrong. I was fortunate enough to go to Hyderabad and found a good doctor.
  Posted on 19-Oct-2011 , Posted by bhavani.kmd   Send Mail
Yes , absolutely wat u said is correct in case of Dr Chithra Ram Murthy. I have sufferred with her treat ment and lost my Baby with her worng treat ment. She wont even giude the patient for the complications and she wont even look wat to be done to safe guard them.Only they think when patient comes they have to do ciserian. Remaining things they are least bothered.
  Posted on 16-Apr-2013 , Posted by Hari   Send Mail
I too agree wit her. We lost our New born daughter due to medical negligence by her.Whatever bhavani.kmd has said in the above comment is exactly true and due to the same reasons we lost our daughter. Even weight machine in her cabin in apollo was faulty.
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