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Magna Infotech pvt ltd,Bangalore Complaints - fraud consultancy
Magna Infotech pvt ltd,Bangalore
Posted: 06 of Jul, 2010 by priya
fraud consultancy

Freshers please beware of this fraud consultancy. they conduct interviews with their clients and issue fake offer letters.but postpone the joining by saying client has some internal logistic problems and so on. finally they say it has been cancelled. it is an unethical consultancy
there hr are useless people who don't reply when you call especially saurabh, saptha,lavina,anil and their peon ankush.
they are not on good terms with their so called clients
  Posted on 10-Nov-2010 , Posted by Raj   Send Mail
fuck this company folks. I want to know this company head or operation or VP address. Siggu sharam ledu. Manishi putuka puttinarara. Endukura Hyderbad paruvu thistunaru. Pichi vedavalara...

Realize before you having the foods, how it came. if you get the food with hard work (proper relation, social commitment) If not.... not worth life. bet you suicide you self or shutdown office.
  Posted on 28-Dec-2010 , Posted by Jayesh   Send Mail
hey guys don't join magna infotech as it's a fake one

when i join it was being told i will work for patni for alteast one year and if project completes in patni i will be shifted to other client and like after 5 months they relieved me and never shifted i join in july and left in december i wan on 15 dayes bench of magna in jan from 1 to 15 magna told your december salary and bench period salary will be received after 90 days

but nothing happened as when i call them or mail them i never get any reply people who recruited us are disabled aas when we call on same number we get a reply no such person works over here.

they not even open an PF account on your name and not even pay for it

as when i went for an enquiry in PF office they told no such PF account exist as magna never opened it it's a fraud case happened

it's fake consultancy please dont join it and spoil your career

Please look for the below links, magna Infotech is the fraud consultancy.
  Posted on 07-Feb-2011 , Posted by sweta   Send Mail
hey tis is sweta i had got call from maogna infotech and they told me tat i'l work for IBM on mainframes...can i join tis company? pls sm1 help
  Posted on 07-Jun-2011 , Posted by vikram   Send Mail
hi sweta dont join in this company..this is not at all a company...its a fraud consultancy............
  Posted on 01-Jul-2011 , Posted by Savitha   Send Mail
Hi, i have a got mail saying tht u ve face to face interview tomo. In this address,Magna Infotech Pvt. Ltd. S R Infotech Complex no.5/4-2, Thaverekere Main Road, SG Palya, D R College Post

Is this the correct address.. Pls help me out.
  Posted on 09-Sep-2011 , Posted by Sudheer   Send Mail
This company is more than a Prostitute company. Even the bitches have some policies and patterns but this company doesn't have any. Initially they shown the policies in favor of you, but eventually they will change in overnight and must adhere to it. But they will turn same policy into their favor. For Example: Initial offer letter says, the notice period is for 15days after some time they will make it as 30days, 60days and 90days depends upon the client. And if you sign for 90days notice period and if the situation like the contract expires or lay off from the client location, then Magna will serve you only 30/60days notice period with basic salary only, but if you resign then you have to serve 90days else they wont issue releaving letter. And the most important thing is, you wont get salary hike even if you work for 2-3 yrs. The shift allowance will be paid after 60-90days from the approval and at time they forget to credit the salary as well.

@Freshers, please do not join such companies for the sake of having job and screw your career.
  Posted on 07-Feb-2012 , Posted by Kishan V Y   Send Mail
Searching job in Bangalore.
  Posted on 23-Apr-2012 , Posted by Priya   Send Mail
Hi, I got call from magna info tech, Bangalore saying ur resume has been shortlisted for JP Morgan Chase and you will have F2F tomorrow at the clients location. Please suggest me anyone to attend or not, im in dilemma, I never worked before under consultancy payroll. And is it true after 6 months down the line this consultancy will transfer you to JP Morgan chase payroll
  Posted on 15-May-2012 , Posted by Fashutana   Send Mail
Dear Priya,

Please contact us and we will be able to assist you with your doubts and clarifications.

  Posted on 05-Jun-2012 , Posted by sanjeev pallai   Send Mail
This people threatning me for black listing as I didn't attend their interview (HELP DESK ), they are behaving as if they are dictator, beware of such fraud......
  Posted on 07-Jun-2012 , Posted by sreeram   Send Mail
Dear Priya,

Please don't join in this consultancy. JP Morgan Chase is one of the Client for Accenture. Not for Magna Infotech. Already I work in this Company (Accenture Client through Manga Infotech) for few months, project was completed in 3 months and thrown me out (not only me total 12 employee). When they recruit me, they told for 1st 6months you'll be a payroll for Magna, after that you will be permanent with Accenture. But with in 3 months the project was completed and thrown me out in one week. After three months only i got new job.

So please don't join in this consultancy and also please don't refer any of your friends.

Please refer this:
  Posted on 10-Jul-2012 , Posted by Jai   Send Mail

Just think, you have worked hard many years and earned your degree/diploma and again worked hard to get experienced ..and all these to just work for a consulting firm ????? That is too pity .. This practice should be STOPPED .. Nowadays 8/10 calls regarding a job opening will be contract to hire . This is some kind of adjustments with the company ppl and the consultancy ppl. Together, they are cheating the candidates and filling their pockets. My opinion is that everybody should rejects this kind of calls, If a company wants your service, let them hire you directly. Do not get cheated by this kind of morons.. Everybody is special.. give some values to your education and hard work !!

Jai Mohan
  Posted on 22-Nov-2012 , Posted by babu   Send Mail
magna fucking company
they will not pay final settlement to any guys..its fucking all hr girls are;;;they will not pay any final settlement like this they only said to me... even if ur sitting idle also no problem,,but fucking bad magnainfotech,,companies if ur woked for magna ,they wont take you guys.. its my past exprience...please dont join
  Posted on 10-Dec-2012 , Posted by neha singh   Send Mail
hey guys !!

Plz help me out , I got offer frm magnainfotech for goldman sachs on consultancy s telling me I am the one amng 37 ppl who only got selected n 6 month onsite NY...etc etc...I dnt knw any thing bout its any one help me out if faced any similar kinda will be really greatful...
  Posted on 31-Dec-2012 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
Even I got offer from magna for goldman sachs on consultancy payrolls.
  Posted on 02-Feb-2013 , Posted by bikash kumar sharma   Send Mail
this is a MADARCHOD...........MADARCHOD..........MADARCHOD.....UPTO INFINITY........MADARCHOD......COMPANY....they gave me an interview call but when i reached there..........there was no company.........fraud company.........guys beware of this dont go for interview when they call you////////////dont wsate time.
.....i will fuck all girls of magna infotech......i want to lick the pussy of magna infotech girls........raat bhar chodunga............all girls ko...................

  Posted on 23-Mar-2013 , Posted by badri508   Send Mail
Hi guys, i got a call from megana infotech banglore and she says we give a 2 weaks training on solaris and get a interview for ibm company and geting salary from 12000 please help me as it true or frod ????????
  Posted on 13-Jun-2013 , Posted by ramup4   Send Mail
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