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VESTIGE MARKETING PVT LTD Complaints - cheating with me VESTIGE MARKETING is a fraud company
Posted: 02 of Nov, 2010 by MANAK MALHOTRA
cheating with me VESTIGE MARKETING is a fraud company

Vestige Pvt ltd (MLM Company) is a big fraud company which deals in Healthcare & personal care products in India. Our and some people to whom we met we found that this company has a habit to cheat everybody. I am telling this company is fraud after facing lots of problem in dealing with this company. Mr. Gursharan Singh who introduces me in this MLM Company at that time he told me that start with pickup centre, I will support you and I will fully help in sale of goods of your pickup centre. I purchased goods of more than 2.5 lakh, after purchasing they forget me, after all efforts to sell these products I told them to refund my goods. They told they will refund only 60 %, after so many request they told that we will charged 26%of payout Mr. Deepak Sood (Director Operations)send me E-mail regarding on same “ As Me and Mr. Bhatnagar Accounts Head has already conveyed you that we are deducting only 26% of the Payout instead of deducting 36% from the Distributor Price. We have already given you the benefit of 10% which the company doesn’t give to anybody else” We said ok but what about VAT which is charged by you on sale, it will received you by sales Tax department, then they told we will not give you VAT amount as it will not receive as 6 month had passed after the sale, as sales Tax department will not refunded after the expiry of 6 month date of sale, We told that only 5 month is passed. Then they told we will not refund as there is lots of paper work and also our time will waste to calculate this. I said that it is not fair; i will take action against you. Then they told us “OK” we will refund your VAT amount but we will deduct 36% instead of 26%, then we reminded them about their earlier commitment, they totally ignored and paid only 64% and VAT amount. This is the way they cheat us. Firstly they were refusing to give VAT amount then they deduct 36% instead of 26%, their cheating did not finished there they told us that “go and do anything which you can do”.
  Posted on 12-Jan-2012 , Posted by Saravanan   Send Mail
Mr. MANAK MALHOTRA after all your dedication and effort is important to be wealthy and healthy. Your argument is very childish. giving Support is nothing but giving some tips to improve yourself lets consider you have completed studies after completing many years anybody gave a assurance that for you job by your effort and dedication your earning and wealth can be..
  Posted on 06-Sep-2012 , Posted by okokok   Send Mail
I think you are a very wrong person in mlm business. Why you get back the money for your product? Why you not doing the mlm business right way?
  Posted on 04-Jan-2013 , Posted by Vinod   Send Mail
Very ridiculous comments given above. May I ask one question to you. do you get money if you returned product like Lux to its manufacturer? I think no. Very few company return money for goods, and vestige is one of them. They are ready to return 64%. and that's fine no company return you 100% once you buy from them. Take example of bike if you brought you bike use it for 4 months and then try to sell it to company and calculate the percentage of money they will deduct for it from selling price. Vestige is far better. All products are really beneficial. If you cant sell good the why did you purchase it on some other suggestion. And one more thing, If we put out foot in hole, it is we who need to take it out of it and no need to wait for other to come and take you out of it. If you don't want to continue this business anymore Tell advantages of product to People and sell them in distributor rate without joining them. In this way you can get back your 100% Money. My friends to earn money in today world we need to do hard work in every area. Wish you luck in Vestige
  Posted on 29-Jan-2013 , Posted by Mr.Pandey   Send Mail
AMWAY gives 100% money back guarantee......
these copy cat companies should learn from AMWAY....
not only copy the concept.....copy the ethics!!!!
  Posted on 18-Mar-2013 , Posted by V BESRA   Send Mail
Dear Sir,
I agree with Mr. Vinod in some point that If you don't want to continue this job any more Tell advantages of the products to People and sell the product as per distributor rate without joining them. In this way you can get back your 100% Money. My friends to earn money in today world we need to do hard work in every area.

I also stat that Mr. Gursharan Singh who introduces Mr. Malhotra in this Company should clear or arranged MOU to Mr. Malhotra for starting pickup centre with the concent of the VESTIGE authorities.

Wish you luck - Vestige Family Members.
  Posted on 17-Apr-2013 , Posted by Vijay Veer   Send Mail

Mr. Malhotra:

I can feel your pain and it puts fuel to fire because when you dedicate yourself to one of the best company in the world, the best man to work with Mr. Gautam Bali, and one of most ethical and futuristic company of all times.

I am deeply hurt with whatever has happened with you, because company can give you the best platform to work and help you make your career in the company.

How come company can return you money that company has already given in taxes to Government.

I agree with you that Mr. Gursharan Singh might have cheated you, I know him very personally he is a man of means and always keep people investing money like anything and generates LOB for him and his family. He is hopeless and unfortunate man good for nothing to work with.

But brother if one guy is not up to mark, is illiterate, that does not mean that he is a company in himself, we have got higher authorities whom you should have referred your complaint too, and I am sure that that would have been dealt with a more positive approach.

I am very sorry for the pain that you have gone through but when you work in networking marketing you need to keep your eyes and ears open and need to have sixth sense to know about reality of persons like Gursharan.

I request you to do this business and do it to your best, we have got a good team of professionals who may support you, anytime and anywhere required, so please continue with Vestige minus Mr. Gursharan Singh DUCD. Please have a word with Mr. Bali, Kanwar Ji, and Deepak Ji, they are nice and great guys always open for help and advises. Please do not waste you potential and career because of someone like Gursharan, if you need any help any point you can call me myself is Vijay Veer Singh 9899222886, 9268377388.

Mr. Pandey, Vestige is not a copy cat company of Amway but a better and more promising career based platform where you can earn lakhs and even up to crores, well we all know rates and quality of Amway products, and we are the one company which is working in Dubai where Amway is not allowed to work, we are the best in the industry with our marketing plan, ethics, products, company's management. please be positive Pandey and support and join an Indian Based company instead of working for foreign based companies.

I am sorry if in the above discussion I have hurt anybodies sentiments.

With you Wellth

Warm Regards

Vijay Veer Singh
  Posted on 29-Apr-2013 , Posted by 88038832   Send Mail
  Posted on 08-Nov-2013 , Posted by shrikanthh boddu   Send Mail
mr.pandey amway company is not giving 100% money back they also taking tax & vats amount...and one more thing i want to say that is.. they are giving money back gurantee for 30days only..vestige is not copy cat company boss...vestige company leading in dubai, nepal, bangladesh, south korea & launching soon in europe & african countries...learn about vestige dear.
  Posted on 05-Aug-2014 , Posted by muthuraja balachandran   Send Mail
  Posted on 20-Aug-2014 , Posted by ROYS   Send Mail
Please never compare anything with Amway. amway is the global leader in direct selling operating in more than 102 countries with revenue of 13$ billion usd$. with 15 lacs IBO in India, with more than 26500 platinum(BWW). One should not critic about more than a 55 year old company. Not only that Amway is the Number one Direct selling company not only in India but In the World (Source-Wikipedia),(source-World 100 Direct Selling News)according to the worlds leading survey authority.
Global Leader because-(Third party evidence)
1.Creating 2nd largest number of millionaire in the world.
2.Operating in more than 102 countries with constant uplift Y axis.
3.Nutrilite is the world's no 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplement brand.(source-Euromonitor international limited).
4.Only company in the world which have 6000 acre organic farming.
5.Amway's Aristry is among the top 5 premium skincare brands in the world.(source-Euromonitor international limited).
6.Nutrilte constantly holds the Asia's most Trusted Brand in Reader's Digest.
7.Amway's e-spring is holds the Asia's most Trusted Brand in Reader's Digest.
8.The company have more than 1000 patents and 900 pending patents.
9.65 number of R&D laboratory worldwide.
10.Proudly can say that In 2009 Amway's Atmosphere Air Purifier became the first air cleaner certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.(Wikipedia)
11.Social Responsibility-Amway logged 2.7 million volunteer hours, and raised $190 million dollars for children’s causes worldwide under Amway one by one foundation.

And many more..................................

And Products?????
Worlds first vitamin and supplement is gifted to the human civilization by Aamwy's Nutrilite by Dr. Carl F. Rehnborg in the year 1930. Source-Wikipedia(

Is it not reason enough to justify my opinion?

Thanks & Regards
  Posted on 30-Dec-2014 , Posted by Subal Chakraborti   Send Mail
Vestige is a good company.
All the sharing by friends till is correct.

Facts about another direct selling may also be correct but my experience with up line&down-line team with that "another" is not positive at all. Up line are not interested to share the real facts on their success.they only preach.
Vestige I am finding as a better opportunity, better openness among team
  Posted on 08-Feb-2015 , Posted by Vestige Distributor   Send Mail
Hello Everyone,

Thanks everyone for giving his opinion and ideas.

No one has taken the concern of Mr. Malhotra that he was not cheated by the company but by the individual person.

"Mr. Gursharan Singh who introduces me in this MLM Company at that time he told me that start with pickup centre, I will support you and I will fully help in sale of goods of your pickup centre."

As per this phrase, the wrong commitment was given and shown to the Mr. Malhotra by Mr. Gursharan Singh. These kind of persons are the main culprits who passes the wrong messages and making full others. Innocent people suffers because of these. This person should catch hold of and punish.

The company must block his ID and take necessary action against him.

Also, everyone who wants to start this kind a pickup center should do his exercise of checking and investigating of all legal work to save future issues.
  Posted on 13-Jul-2015 , Posted by vgrajk208930   Send Mail
Nice dicussions going around here... i promise and heartedly accept with Vestige products. their products are awesome. every indians should use an indian manufacturing products. where their will be a big growth in a indian economy. usually people attending their oldage start counting their days to finish lifes.
so amway we are really sorry start counting ur days in india.
  Posted on 27-May-2016 , Posted by 72708050   Send Mail
Dear sir,this is bad luck 4 u,u dont belive urself,but belive other,how it is possible.everythink is u respansible,dont blame other,everything is deside not other 4 u.
  Posted on 06-Aug-2016 , Posted by Roys   Send Mail
People who thinks Amway will be ruined up , they should just check out the Top 100 Direct Selling company in the world in wfdsa or 100direct selling news or Euromonitor etc etc..
Amway is global leader since 1959 in the Whole world and in India since 1998 with 11.4 Billion Dollar revenue, with More than 1000 Patents.

It's a real joke ,those who says this things.

Amway was No.1 Amway is No. 1 and Amway will be number 1 Direct Selling Company all the way.
  Posted on 18-Nov-2016 , Posted by yogeshwagh   Send Mail
Dear I think you are not made for business. MLM is the only for those who think broadly... and your thinking is narrow minded...
  Posted on 21-Dec-2016 , Posted by Mohamed Anas E N   Send Mail
Hai friends better oppertunity in working with vestige
  Posted on 29-Dec-2016 , Posted by Param_2010   Send Mail
Some facts about Amway that I want to share:
1)Steve Van Adel chairman of Amway is also the chairman for American Chambers of Commerce. This chamber is responsible for planning not only US economy but also regulates world economy. The person of that credentials is managing the Amway Incorporation.

2)If you think Amway is foreign company, for your information Amway has invested $600 crores in make in India Campaign & invested in plant in Madurai (Chennai)third manufacturing plant in world after U.S & China giving our country opportunity of employment & taxes to Indian government.
3) Barrack Obama is doing Amway business for charity along with NASSA scientist.
4)Read KMPG report on direct selling business in India, Amway is the number one company is direct selling industry. Vestige not even in top 10.
Is there any one from Vestige to claim that these facts are falls.
  Posted on 31-Dec-2016 , Posted by Mgsreddy   Send Mail
Amway is very good company but rural Indian can't do the business even though he did for one or two months he won't gain and his business goes waste . But as for as Gautam Bali concept of accumulate pv some day or other any one doing vestige will shine with this user friendly business and best suits for indians particularly rural indians and that too in this time of demonitisation as well.
  Posted on 08-Mar-2017 , Posted by brazeel kshirsagar   Send Mail
Don't debate ,,do mlm business on own spirit and guts,,,
Amway is Amway, and Vestige is Vestige.
Prove yourself who carry the mlm business,company is whatever.
And all company should be provide platform for rular area.......
Because max% illiterate Indian live in rular area.
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