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secured lives Complaints - fraud
secured lives
Posted: 17 of Nov, 2010 by [email protected]

I was trapped in secured lives by their advisers now i want i money back because thy assured that we shall earn a lot of money only by providing them a list of people we know. But it has completed more than 10 months we have not earned even a single penny. Kindly lead me a way to get my money back.
  Posted on 25-Jun-2011 , Posted by preeti srivastava   Send Mail
people's greedy nature is used to bad.this type of people traped with their nature after that blame company securedlives.until you work hard til then no any company give you money so please stop bleming on company and do your work best in right way with right person then achieve everything in life whatever you expact.....

Thank u............
  Posted on 30-Jun-2011 , Posted by pkmandi02   Send Mail
some people want more money without effort and after then they blame to company and senior associates.the person who have also joined the secure life and if he had done hard work, he have earned lots of money within short period of time.
so please do hard work and after then you will be on the top.

thank you
  Posted on 11-Jul-2011 , Posted by Basant Giri   Send Mail
Dear ,

Simply there is matter . Nobody gives anything without doing anything. It all about the hard work & patience .Please stop blaming to the organization because I had also recently joined the same but I don't think it's fraud or it will scam .I believe i can achieve .
So keep on working on the same & definitely you will get it what ever u had seen & suggest by the leader .

  Posted on 02-Oct-2011 , Posted by abhijeet rodricks   Send Mail
i,agree with u,my agent name as somesh yadav from agra,also said 2 me that depositing 7500,then evry mnth i wll earn atleast 3000,but after 6 mnths not a single rupee has come 2 me,now he's asking 2 make some more members,i want 2 ask what gurantee is their that i wll get money after that and therefore make my new members into trobule
  Posted on 19-Oct-2011 , Posted by sanny   Send Mail
My self sanny from ambala cant, fresher in secured lives but i earned lot of money so don"t go through comment's, do hard work u will get successes in month or week or in a year believe in own work. first you have trained your self for giving plan, then no one can stop your successes in wss.
  Posted on 19-Dec-2011 , Posted by ramesh   Send Mail
My self ramesh i attended securedlives seminar. i found every thing good. but i can not so as they want, now what i can do.i join or not????
any one ????????????
  Posted on 07-Apr-2012 , Posted by madhu sudan   Send Mail
i think before join any type of business you must have better knowledge about this. That's why you can do better and will not blame any person or company.
  Posted on 27-Apr-2012 , Posted by bhanu kumar   Send Mail
frnd. .u have to work hard. .did u made members in ur downline? I guess no. Start today and u can earn lot of money in few months. U must take support of ur upline (seniors). Any one who wants to join secure life can contact me on 8800149860, 9801873608 or [email protected] Our team is spread in whole india.
  Posted on 23-Aug-2012 , Posted by Gopal Chourey   Send Mail
I was struggled in secured lives with our downline Mr. S K Singh in year 2010. Once time I had joind a sell as Mr. Rajkumar from bhajanpur,Delhi by showing saminaar. After joining he was felt to continue this business and forced me to returned his money sums 8500(Happy family pack) and warned me to loged compliant against me. I was show him the office of secured lives at c1 Janakpuri and also doing meeting with some leader but meanwhile when my leader Mr Anil Singh( in present he is diamond) was heard about logging compliant(also he had been done it) Mr. Anil was afraid because he is in air force and I am also in Army. Mr. Anil meat me at secured lives office and carried me to Bhajanpura and suggest me to refund money by my pocket because compney have no ruled to refund money and i collect all tools kit by Rajkumar after paid sums 8500.00 rupees by my pocket. Then I reliased about support system which is Moto of company is total lies and fake. And all leader who are talking about support system is total froud and lies who has no guts to support any person or downline.
  Posted on 02-Feb-2013 , Posted by arun choudhary   Send Mail
abey sale tere me hi dum nahi hoga paisha kamane ka to fir paisha kya god aasmaan se barsayega..
ye murdo ka nahi mardo ka busness hai..
ye ROWDI LOGO ka busness hai tere jaise tuchho ka nahio...
  Posted on 18-Apr-2013 , Posted by Dheeraj Kumar Dohrey   Send Mail
Dear Arun Chaudhary, I am also in Secure life, and I requesting to you Please don't comment with this type of language, It will be damage our image.
  Posted on 12-May-2013 , Posted by Julioslest   Send Mail
I distroy my full of carrer and now i will be case on secure life
  Posted on 18-May-2013 , Posted by Dr.mushahid ali khan   Send Mail
hi friend...
if you want something you have to work hard in a right direction. never complain about someone.. check urself that how much u r dedicated for ur work.
clean your face not the mirror.
  Posted on 27-May-2013 , Posted by mitul singh   Send Mail
Dear Friends I am also member of secured lives nagpur I don't think our company is fraud .
  Posted on 17-Jun-2013 , Posted by sid   Send Mail
I am a student rather than it i earned alot in vry less tym by doing it part tym..anyone wana join can call me @ 9641530775....full help will be provided.
  Posted on 22-Jul-2013 , Posted by ramyagya swami   Send Mail
i am peur indian man bat
  Posted on 07-Feb-2014 , Posted by sarojarpit   Send Mail
Dear Friends I am also business partner of secured lives faridabad I think our company is provied us best opertunity to earn income and well personalty develupment.

Thanking you.....
saroj kanth
  Posted on 23-Sep-2014 , Posted by uttam   Send Mail
let me make it clear.........

i am going to tell the naked truth.....

this is a big punzee scheme. what does it mean by ?
it means the company has to get money from new associates to provide commission to the existing members. the day you stop work, your commission will stop.

no.2 the product & services are of the worst quality.

no.3 the company promotes only the so called liabilities. At the beginning, the dreams we are shown are all liabilities. Remember in the entire world there is not single man has become millionaire by accumulating liabilities instead of assets. to become financially free you have to have good financial knowledge and accumulate assets in your balance sheet and don't let yourself be cheated by this kind of idiots.

no.4 some of the associates involved in this company are cheats, rascals, criminals and unethical people.

and most important thing is that the company has no R&D of its own. that is why the company is not responsible whatever the fellow people are doing.

At last my kind request to all, pl z don't play with the peoples money. they'll not leave you
  Posted on 15-Jan-2015 , Posted by ahon kanham   Send Mail
Hope this organisation does not dragged anyone into this system forcefully.This system only shares the people about the trends of network marketing.It is up to people whether to join or not.So, one shd fully come across before move on for any bussiness so that to avoid accusing any company or system.
  Posted on 21-Jan-2015 , Posted by harsh vastrakar   Send Mail
Secure life company best but very best all over india only wss system so join for wss system
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